About the brand

CleAir is a new brand created to develop and commercialize EPoS’ innovative patented filtering technology in all its applications. Our goal is to offer clean, clear, pure air to everyone.


CleAir @ EPoS srl
Via Pavia 68/72, 10098 Rivoli (TO) ITALY

About us

What do you get when you combine too much time, creativity, and technique? The perfect storm for innovation.

CleAir project

From the desire of three engineers to solve the planet’s problems an idea was born.
And from that idea a product that can change everything you thought about cleaning your air in this and future sanitary crises.
And with that product constantly in mind so came a better cleaner world: clean clear air for everyone: CleAir.

Meet CleAir Team

Alessandro Fais

The material innovator | Materials engineer with a PHD in Metallurgical Engineering, inventor of novel materials and processes, also founder of EPoS srl.

Fabio Zamboni

The mechanical expert | Bio-medical engineer and director at Zeta Meccanica srl

Andreas Zeller

The authority in complex businesses and inventions | Mechanical engineer with a PHD in Materials Science, deep experience in powder metallurgy and data analytics.

People we want to thanks

The enthusiasm and help of many people that have gathered around us and have understood the importance of finding a solution that can save us and our planet as well has been overwhelming. This project could not have existed without your material help, your enthusiasm and your contribution so thank you all:

Fabio Fais Auris Medical
Matteo Martinelli Safen
Maria Giulia Faga CNR
Giovanna Gautier CNR
Maria Pasqua Cossu
Andrea Fais Materialise
Alessio Esposti Materialise
Marco Pisani INRIM
Marco Zangirolami Fonderie Mestieri
Gabriele Magneto Perris CLN

Marco Spreafico Green Steel Group
Valerio Aimone Giorgi TOProveLAB
Marco Casazza TOProveLAB
Fabio Sirna
Uemit Aydin
Mario Vittone I3P
Pascal Peninon R.Stat Technical Fibers
The complete team @ Involucra for their dedication and help

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