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CleAir is a new brand created to develop and commercialize EPoS’ innovative patented filtering technology in all its applications. Our goal is to offer clean, clear, pure air to everyone.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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About CleAir masks

add remove What is CleAir?

CleAir is the brand we have created to commercialize our unique, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-dust filtering technology with all round applications to air breathing, air conditioning, gas, water and oil. CleAir is our mantra: Clear Air for Everyone.

add remove In what way the are masks completely eco-friendly?

Every component is designed to be re-used. You simply need to properly sterilize the mask in an oven (or in autoclave for sanitary use) or in dishwasher and you are ready to go again.

add remove In which environments can I use the mask?

We have designed the mask to survive even were humans cannot (>100°C) so wherever you can live so can the mask. The mask is your armor, your protection. Use it while traveling, while shopping and while biking or walking in the city park. Use it wherever you know you are at high risk of exposing your body to airborne diseases. Use it whenever there are dangerous fine particles or there’s pollen you are allergic to. Use it as a you use clothes to protect your skin, to protect your mouth and lungs from harms.

add remove Is it easy to breathe in your mask?

Breathability and filtering are two opposing features: the more we are able to filter, the higher the resistance. For this reason we supply with different grades of filters: P1 and P2, the first with a lower filtering powder and higher breathability and the second one with higher filtering power and a higher breathing resistance.

add remove How heavy is the mask?

The C-1 weight, elastics excluded, around 85 g. The lightest weight in its class. It is heavier than FFP1/2/3 throw away systems (20-30 g) but lighter than any interchangeable filter system (400-500 g).

add remove Why is there water inside my mask?

The C-1 protects you from outside water aerosols coming from potentially infected individuals but also protects others from your aerosol. The water that you breathe out of your mouth must go somewhere. In part it will get stuck in the fine fibers of our copper filters and in part it will condense in the inner rubber lining of the mask accumulating in the lower part.

add remove Will my glasses fog up while wearing the C-1 mask?

No! Forget about fogging with CleAir technology. We have designed a system that will not allow your aerosol to leave the mask effectively protecting everyone around your and also your glasses from fogging!

add remove Are CleAir’s masks recommended to take care of a sick individual?

The higher the risk the higher the protection you need. If you are taking care of a person with an air transmittable disease be sure to use the highest grade of filters in our store. For professional use please refer here.

add remove Is the C-1 face mask certified?

Not yet. We have gone beyond the norms to improve protection so we need to the necessary time to work on the details with the certification authorities. We are presently working on certifying the filtering material according to EN 143 and the complete system according to norm EN 1827.

add remove Are the filters certified?

The novel patented copper filters are under certification process to guarantee their properties. The reference norm is EN 143. We provide filters following the nomenclature of this norm: P1, P2 and P3, with increasing level of protection.

add remove Is visibility influenced by wearing the mask?

Having worn and using PPDs in our work environments and being sports enthusiasts we understand how troublesome a reduced visibility can be. So we have taken visibility as a priority and reduced it to the minimum possible.

add remove How do I sterilize the masks and filters at home?

Please refer to the user’s manual.

add remove Is the elastic band sterilizable as well?

Absolutely yes. We have designed and have each component specifically made to allow full sterilization at 135°C in a few minutes (autoclave conditions)

add remove What should I do to re-use the masks?

If you have used the masks in a contaminated environment follow the sterilization procedure. The procedure is also recommended before handing the mask to someone else, even to close relatives.

add remove Can a mask be used by different members of the same family?

If you share glasses and toothbrushes it’s not an issue, yes, feel free to share it. If you are a person at high risk of disease or have given the mask to a person in your family that has contracted Covid then follow the sterilization procedure before sharing the mask.

add remove How much time is it needed to sterilize or regenerate the mask for another use?

Sterilization procedures are time-temperature dependent. If you can guarantee 135°C in a ventilated sterile ambient (like an autoclave) then a few minutes will suffice. The longer the permanence in temperature, the better. We suggest 100-110°C for a few hours.

add remove How do I know if the mask is still working after many days of use?

Filters clog in time. This means they load themselves with particles they filter out from the air. After many hours of filtering action they increase in filtering efficiency (meaning they are even better filters!) but they become harder to breathe in. When you feel that your breathing inside the mask is too heavy and frequency use the de-clogging procedure. If during normal use breathing resistance drops rapidly and breathing seems too easy it is lively that a filter has damaged. In this case ship them back to us and we will immediately add a 50% discount to your account for the order of a new set of filters.

add remove For how long can I wear the mask continuously?

We recommend you don’t go beyond six straight hours of use.

add remove How many days can I use the mask?

The system is virtually immortal. If it doesn’t damage mechanically you can continue de-clogging the filters and re-using them for a life’s time.

add remove How are masks regenerated?

To have a fully regenerated mask you must de-clog the filters as described in the users manual.

add remove If I sneeze in the mask can I wash it without sterilizing it?

You can wash it under running water but you better sterilize it to eliminate the viral and bacterial charge you have released in your sneezing action.

CleAir filters

add remove What is the advantage of copper? Why are you making copper filters?

Copper is a virus and bacteria killer. All the water droplets and dust particles with viruses and bacteria that are stopped by our filters will kill, in 30 to 120 minutes almost all traces of live microbes leaving the filters sanitized. Handling them for cleaning and de-clogging will, therefore, not put you at risk in any way, of contracting diseases.

add remove What do I do if the filter breaks?

Ship them back to us and we will immediately add a 50% discount to your account for the order of a new set of filters.

add remove How much time do the filters last?

CleAir patented filters are virtually immortal. As long as proper care, storage and de-clogging procedures are used you will never need to change them or buy new ones.

add remove With what frequency should I de-clog the filters?

In general we recommend not going beyond six hours of use but the correct answer is complex: it depends on where you use them, the environment in which you use the mask and the activity and time you employ the mask. One thing will be wearing the mask for an intense bike race in center city Milan while a completely different atmosphere and clogging will happen if you are using it to protect yourself while walking to the local grocery store in a small town in Maine. Deeper insight and indications on the frequency of the de-clogging procedures can be found in the user’s manual.

add remove Can I mix different filter types when wearing the mask?

Yes! You can use two P1 filters with two P2 filters for example. No problem at all but bear that the filtering capacity will not be compliant to the P1 nor the P2 standards (but somewhere in between).

add remove I see particles and fibers coming out of the filter. Is this normal?

If the filters are mishandled or have been mechanically damaged they might loose fibers and particles. In this case, consider them damaged and do not use them in any circumstance. Ship them back to us and we will immediately add a 50% discount to your account for the order of a new set of filters.

add remove I’ve seen copper coated and copper charged fiber filtering masks around the web. Why should I prefer full metal filters?

Because the anti-viral properties of copper are proportional to how much copper there actually is. Metallic copper is 100% copper, our golden brass alloys have 77% copper, the copper loaded fiber and plastic face masks you see around have less than 5% of copper. Guess which one is going to kill the virus faster.

add remove After how many hours of use should I clean the filters?

Very good question. As filters pick up particles they clog and become even better filters but at the same time increase the resistance to air flow. If you live in a polluted city (Beijing, Milan, etc) to ensure a proper respiratory resistance de-clog the filters every 6 to 8 hours of use.


add remove In how much time will the first prototypes be delivered?

Just for the first lot ever of the C-1 it will take five to six weeks from when we approve the pre-order.

add remove How many days are need for the delivery?

That depends on were you live. Roughly from two to ten days from when the carrier pick up the package.