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CleAir is a new brand created to develop and commercialize EPoS’ innovative patented filtering technology in all its applications. Our goal is to offer clean, clear, pure air to everyone.


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C-1 Blue


C-1 Blue


Product price for the C-1 mask is 109.00€ with P1 filters and 129.00€ with P2 Filters.
We currently accept pre-sale reservation at 30.00€. You’ll pay the rest of the amount as soon your mask is ready for shipping.
Keep an eye on your email inbox in the next weeks, we’ll notify you by email.

Dark blu semi facial face mask with interchangable filters.
The package includes:

  • Four CleAir filters
  • Two overhead adjustablle elastics bands for maximum adherence and comfort
  • One sterilizable plastic case
  • M size
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The most eco-friendly face mask technology can produce. Entirely re-usable, sterilizable materials. Anti-viral patented interchangeable metal filters. Adjustable elastics designed to survive autocalve and oven temperatures. Over the head elastics and rigid plastic sterilizable case included.

The first lot of C-1 masks will be only of size M.
Size S and L will be available soon, email us to book yours!

Additional information

Weight 0.083 kg
Dimensions 25 × 18 × 15 cm

Mask with filters P1, Mask with filters P2